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Tree cabling is a method of giving extra support to the limbs whose junctions are weak.  Cables help reduce the potential for failure and extend the life of the tree by limiting the movement of the limbs.

Wire cables are used to brace the limbs together and strengthen weak crotches.  They are placed two-thirds of the way up between the weak crotch and the branch tips (fig 1).  The cable should be installed perpendicular to an imaginary line drawn through the weak crotch (fig 2).

While there are a few methods used to attach cables, we generally use the throughbolt (fig 3).  We drill through the limb, an eye bolt or threaded rod is inserted, and the cable is attached.  Note:  before cables are installed, trees should be properly pruned to remove hazardous limbs and reduce the weight of those being cabled.

cabling4.gif (117998 bytes)
fig 1
cabling2.gif (58719 bytes)
fig 2
cabling5.gif (48524 bytes)
fig 3

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