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Iron Chlorosis

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Iron Chlorosis is a problem that affects many trees in Indiana.  Due to high soil pH, micronutrients are bound to the soil and become unavailable to plants.  Chlorosis is most commonly caused by iron, but can also be caused by manganese and zinc deficiency.  Commonly affected plants are pin oak, sweet gum, white oak, rhododendron, and azalea.

The most prominent symptom of iron chlorosis is leaf yellowing.  The veins of the leaves stay green, while the rest of the leaves turn yellow.  However, severe chlorosis can cause stunted growth, poor root development, and possibly death.

Although severe chlorosis is rarely reversible, treatments can be done for moderate cases.  The following are the four most common methods:

  • Altering soil acidity, typically using sulfur

  • Soil Applications with iron chelates

  • Foliar Applications with certain iron formulation

  • Trunk injections with iron formulations



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