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Fireblight is a bacterial disease that can severely attack apples

and pear trees, as well as many other species in the Rosaceae family.

Symptoms of Fireblight include:

  • Dead leaves remain on the tree

  • Water-soaked, brown blossoms

  • Brown or black twigs that appear burned

  • Young twigs dying from the terminals

  • Possible shepherd's crook

There are a few things that can help slow the spread of Fireblight:

  • Plant resistant varieties of apples, crabapples, and pears.

  • Prune infected twigs and stems while the trees are dormant.

  • Avoid over-fertilization (especially with Nitrogen.)  New, succulent growth encouraged by fertilization is more susceptible to Fireblight.  Any fertilization done should be in early spring or late fall.

  • Foliar Treatments with antibiotics or copper can be done.  The first should be done as soon as the tree begins to bloom.  This should be followed by two more treatments, with approximately 10 days between each application.

photo provided by www.ppdl.purdue.edu



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