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The TCIA Safety Awards

The TCIA Safety Awards recognize exemplary action in two areas. The Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance award recognizes an individual's or crew's heroic reaction to an emergency situation. The Outstanding Company Contribution award recognizes a member's proactive program to address safety issues.
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Activities for recognition include:

  • A safety manual was written and distributed to all employees. From this document a Hazard Communication document was written and a Haz-com policy was instituted.

  • After the Safety manual was written and distributed safety meetings were instituted for the company. This has been a developing program which has a way to go but aside from the standard safety concerns sessions or handouts have included

    • A visit by a local law enforcement officer to describe local driving laws to employees.

    • Deer Tick information

    • West Nile information sheets with insect repellant supplied by the company.

  • Vine & Branch also instituted a policy that New Hires spend their first days in a classroom setting where they view safety videos from the NAA and from equipment vendors.

  • A Vine & Branch crew leader was sent to Arbormasters training which resulted in the institution of a new climbing system for the climbing crews because the Arbormaster system was deemed to be safer and less fatiguing for the climbers.

  • A “Boot Allowance” was instituted for all workers. This allowance is considered part of the employees benefit package. This new policy removed the age old dispute of what footwear was appropriate because now the company has some say in what the employee wears.

  • All crew members and managers were paid for a Saturday to attend first aid and CPR training which resulted in 15 receiving the first aid and CPR certification.

  • Vine & Branch managers were trained by the company in risk analysis for trees which are weakened by decay or construction damage.

    • This risk evaluation program led to the development of a Tree Risk Advisory letter which is sent to clients, neighbors of clients, municipalities, parks departments etc. when a tree is noticed that presents a hazard to the general public.

    • This risk evaluation program has been discussed at length through

      • Company newsletters

      • Company fact sheets

      • A Tree Talk given to The State Golf Course Association

      • 2 Articles written for and published in the Indiana Arborist Association newsletter, The Hoosier Arborist

      • Tree Talks given at a local garden show Orchard in Bloom.

  • Vine & Branch also instituted a Safety Awareness program which included:

    • A notice board in the company break room for posters and news releases.

    • A company “Empower program” which is a suggestion program intended to draw suggestions for further safety ideas from employees.

    • Vine & Branch is currently offering a watch to individual crew members with the admonition “There’s always time for safety.”

  • An “Incident Report Program” was also instituted.

    • This program consists of a simple form to be filled out by a crew leader or crew members when an “Incident” occurs. An “Incident” is anything that causes property damage or injury. The form is filled out by the crew leader as to what happened and how it could be prevented next time. This report is filled out for small items like fences damaged because “next time it could be serious”.



The Vine & Branch safety Plan is just a beginning. There are many more programs, sessions and speakers planned. The Safety Plan has had great results, including the following -

  • Vine & Branch has been able to keep its rating of .64 with the Workman’s comp. 

  • Vine & Branch has been accepted as a Contractor for Eli Lilly and Company because of its dedication to safety and because of its superior record.

  • Vine & Branch received a letter after an Insurance Safety Audit which “had no recommendations for safety improvements”.

  • Vine & Branch has been asked to put together a 4 hour Safety Training program for the Crown Hill Cemetery grounds staff. Crown Hill Cemetery is the nation’s third largest cemetery and a long term Vine & Branch client.

  • Vine & Branch has been asked to assist in Risk Evaluation programs for local Parks Departments, and other municipality agencies.

  • Vine & Branch has been asked to speak to the Indiana Golf Course Superintendents Association.


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